5 Common Causes of Tooth Pain and How to Prevent Them
April 19, 2019 | Abigail Mckay

5 Common Causes of Tooth Pain and How to Prevent Them


For those who have had tooth pain, it can be quite painful and surprising that such a small part of the body can contribute to such great pain. There are varying causes of tooth pain, however, we will focus on 5 typical causes and how to address them.

First and foremost, the most common cause of tooth pain can be attributed to a cavity, also known as dental caries. Cavities are defined as decay in the tooth enamel, typically caused by bacterial film called plaque, resulting in irreversible holes in the tooth or teeth. These cavities, if left untreated, can result in tooth removal due to abscess formation.

Secondly, as mentioned above, when abscesses form due to untreated cavities, tooth pain can occur. An abscess is a pocket of infection, which is typically filled with pus. Abscesses are usually found below the gum, so they cannot always be seen. This is why daily dental care in the home and also regular dental checkups are of vital importance.

The third common cause of tooth pain can be related to tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity occurs when a layer of the tooth called dentin is exposed. This exposure can come from a variety of causes ranging from cavities to cracks in the teeth, as well as, age-related erosion of the enamel.

Fourthly, an anatomical reason for tooth pain includes grinding of the teeth during sleep, also known as bruxism. This condition can actually lead to exposed dentin, as well as, changes in tooth structure. Mouth-guards are an easy fix for this condition and can be found at many convenience stores.

Lastly, the fifth common cause of tooth pain is known as gingivitis or gum infections. This can cause referred pain to the teeth. With gingivitis, gums become red, irritated and inflamed, which if left untreated is called periodontitis and can have severe consequences.  These consequences can include abscess formation or tooth loss. There has also been a connection between increased chronic inflammation, like that of periodontal disease, and increased systemic inflammation which can lead to atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is plaque build up in the arteries and is surprisingly one of the leading causes of heart attacks.

Ways To Prevent Tooth Pain

So, what can you do to prevent tooth pain?

1)       Brush and Floss Twice a Day-dentist actually encourage brushing your teeth for up to two minutes.

2)       Biannual Dental Check-Ups

3)       Eating a well-rounded diet-this entails limiting sugar, in addition to, increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables to prevent plaque from forming.


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