6 Steps To Get Flat Stomach
June 25, 2018 | Shiraz Iqbal

6 Steps To Get Flat Stomach

We all are living with a very busy and tough schedule where we could not find any proper time for ourselves. Still you lookout for any extra time you can avail for the exercise and then you remember an event to attend in the coming week. You’re absolutely ready to wear your favorite dress but you suddenly look up on your flabby stomach bulging out. This makes you more worry about how to lose this extra fat around your stomach. You’re devastated that how you could fit into your favorite dress and look stunning on the event, but do you know that you don’t have to change all of your daily habits to get a flat stomach in the few days. Its just about changing the course of some things that you do in the daily routine.

Now let’s follow the simple 6 steps to reduce the belly fat and get a flat stomach you always dreamt of!

1.  Drink Water

Water is important to every life on this planet and there are a lot of health benefits if you are drinking the adequate amount of water. By having an adequate amount of water, you can flush away the toxins in your body that will not only direct you towards having a flat stomach but also glows your skin. A lot of water doesn’t mean that you have to drink gallons of water, drink 2-3 liters of water daily, also the healthy drinks like green tea and fresh fruit juices are also very helpful.

2.   Avoid Salt

You can minimize the retention of water by lowering the intake of sodium in your daily routine. You can use other herbs and spices to add flavor to your food.

3.  Check the Food You Eat

The kind of food you eat in your daily routine is responsible for many things happen to your body. Sugary and oily foods are the main causes of belly fat. Change your habit, eat natural and fresh foods like vegetables, fruits, fish, grain breads and chicken. These eateries should be replaced with the processed foods.

4.  Exercise and Training

People often wish to burn their fat and build their muscles at the same time. It is possible by doing exercise and training three days per week. Try to involve in all kinds of exercises like pushups, pull-ups and lunges with each set of 15 repetitions. A jumping rope exercise for one minute can be very beneficial as an extra, so don’t forget to do that too. These workouts can help you to burn around 600 calories each day.

5.  Abdominal Muscle Workout

This tip will help you to reduce the belly fat more quickly. Three sets of crunches and leg raise with 20 repetitions would be actually helpful to get a flat belly quickly. Hold your body and do planks on your elbow for 30 to 60 secs for three to four sets. This abdominal muscle exercises will boost the speed to lose belly fat.

6.  Say Goodbye to Stress

There is a hormone called cortisol in our body, while having stress or in the position of anxiety, our body increases the production of this hormone which encourages the gain of weight around the stomach. So try to keep yourself calm and cool!

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