7 Tips to Control and Prevent Hepatitis
July 27, 2018 | Dr. Tayyab Saeed Akhter

7 Tips to Control and Prevent Hepatitis

Hepatitis can be easily understood as infection of Liver by a set of viruses which can be divided into two groups according to their mode of transmission and nature of the illness. Relatively less severe for also commonly known as “Pela Yarkan” is caused by Hepatitis A or Hepatitis E virus and in most of the cases the diseases are acute but self-limiting and of low intensity. On the other hand, Hepatitis B or C usually cause chronic liver disease and can ultimately lead to liver failure or liver cancer and in layman language are known as “Kala Yarkan”. Prevention is always better than cure and both types can be prevented through easy precautions.

Prevention of Hepatitis A and E

Hepatitis A & E usually spreads through the feco-oral route so following tips will help you get protected against them.

1. Always drink boiled water

2. Wash hands before cooking, eating or handling food items.

3. Avoid unhygienic food as much as possible.

4. Prefer well cooked and fresh food.

5. Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before eating.

6. Maintain adequate personal hygiene and sanitation practices.

7. Vaccinate yourself against Hepatitis A.

Prevention of Hepatitis B and C

Hepatitis B & C usually spread through blood and secretions so following tips will help you get protected against them.

1. Avoid unnecessary injections.

2. Always demand disposable and sterilized equipment during any medical procedure.

3. Always use properly screened blood products.

4. Healthcare providers must ensure safe handling and disposal of sharps.

5. Have your own shaving kit/tools or at least demand for a new blade while visiting a hair-salon or a barber-shop.

6. Avoid tattoos and unnecessary piercings.

7. Every individual who is not suffering from Hepatitis B should be vaccinated against it. 


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