Benefits of biotin for hair growth it's myth or reality?
July 06, 2022 | Sara Shoukat Ali

Benefits of biotin for hair growth it's myth or reality?

What is biotin?

Biotin belongs to the vitamin B family and is a water-solvent vitamin. Vitamin H is one more name for it.

Biotin is a B vitamin that guides in the transformation of specific supplements into energy in the body. It’s likewise important to have great hair, skin, and nails.

Hair loss or a layered red rash can happen on the off chance that you don’t get sufficient biotin. A deficiency, then again, is remarkable. Biotin received from the diet is generally enough to get the health benefits. 

Keratin is an essential protein that can be found in your hair, skin, and nails. For certain, biotin further develops your body’s keratin architecture.

Does Biotin Help Increase Hair Growth?

Biotin is available as enhancements and included the hair care items like shampoos. Whether it is consumed orally in food or supplement, or washed topically on your hair like shampoos or hair mask, biotin will help in hair growth.

Yet, there is exceptionally less logical exploration that supports the job of biotin in hair growth. Biotin supplementation might be beneficial for individuals who are really lacking in biotin, yet biotin deficiency is unprecedented in everyone. While certain shampoos contain biotin, there is no evidence that it works. Eating food sources high in nutrients and minerals will further develop generally hair wellbeing.

Causes of hair loss:

Other causes of hair loss, especially if it is in an unusual pattern, include:

Alopecia areata (bald patches on the scalp, beard, and, possibly, eyebrows; eyelashes may fall out)


•Autoimmune conditions such as lupus.

•Certain infectious diseases such as syphilis.

•Excessive shampooing and blow-drying.

•Hormone changes.

•Thyroid diseases.

•Nervous habits such as continual hair pulling or scalp rubbing.

•Radiation therapy.

•Tinea capitis (ringworm of the scalp).

•Tumor of the ovary or adrenal glands.

•Hair styles that put too much tension on the hair follicles.

•Bacterial infections of the scalp.


Not taking biotin on a daily basis.

Because biotin deficiency is rare, the Food and Drug Administration does not recommend taking it on a daily basis Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). RDAs vary depending on an individual’s age, gender, and overall health. 

Instead, experts advise using the dosage directions below. Between 30 and 100 micrograms per day should be taken by everyone over the age of ten. Infants and children should be offered the following items: 

• From birth to three years, 10 to 20 micrograms (mcg) 

• For children aged 4 to 6, 25 mcg is recommended. 

• For children aged 7 to 10, 30 mcg is recommended.

Biotin levels in pregnant or breastfeeding women may be higher. 

More likely your meal contains enough biotin to meet your day to day necessities. In the event that you wish to improve your biotin intake, remember more biotin-rich foods for your eating routine.

Listed below are a few examples: 

•Liver and kidney meats are examples of organ meats. 

•The yolk of an egg 

•Almonds, peanuts, and walnuts are examples of nuts. 

•Legumes include soy beans and other legumes. 

•Grains in their natural state 




Biotin does play an important role in hair health.

Biotin keeps up with healthy-looking hair and nails, assisting with preventing imbalances that can prompt dullness and brittleness. Research demonstrates the way that taking biotin close by other demonstrated holistic ingredients can support hair development, thickness, smooth texture, and sparkle.


Taking a biotin supplement = instant results.

Assuming you’ve been thinking about adding biotin to your haircare, it’s essential to realize that not all suitable structures are similarly effective for tending to hair wellbeing. Specialists recommend oral supplements over effective items that highlight biotin as an ingredient and say it can require a couple of long stretches of predictable use before you start to see large changes. It’s likewise worth taking note of that hair development is influenced by various things notwithstanding nourishment, including your body’s metabolism, feelings of anxiety, hormones, and other way of life factors.

•Biotin alone is enough to get my hair growing

•Brushing your hair 100 times a day makes it healthier.

•Wash your hair with cold water for shinier strands.

Biotin not a magic pill:

Biotin is certainly not a magic pill. You won’t awaken and find that you have transformed into Rapunzel. Your day to day biotin supplement is only that, a supplement to your sound eating routine. Along with great hair care, these things will assist your hair with developing longer, quicker. For more please contact our online consultant.

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