Flu Vaccination
November 01, 2017 | Dr. Uzair Ghani

Flu Vaccination

In every family, we have parents and grandparents above 60s and 70s and small children. In the extreme of age like young children and elderly, the immune system which provides natural protection from diseases and helps us remain healthy is less efficient. The ideal approach to protect our health is prevention from diseases.

Fortunately, now we have a wide range of vaccines available to protect us from these diseases. We shall be sharing with our community, one by one about these vaccines.

The important one in the fall season is flu vaccine. The flu vaccine protects from Viral Influenza, which is different from the common cold which is a mild self-limiting disease. Even in healthy adults influenza vaccine protects from these strains of viral influenza and save productive working time. Every year an approved viral vaccine from World Health Organization is released for north and south hemisphere. For people with respiratory allergy, vaccines are helpful to prevent the more severe consequences. There are many flu vaccines are available to choose from. You should plan for the flu shot in October to develop the immunity in coming weeks.

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