How Green Tea Helps in Weight Loss
June 19, 2018 | Shiraz Iqbal

How Green Tea Helps in Weight Loss

Tea is one of the most consumed drinks in the world, comes second after water and green tea is an option in the list of teas that not only has a delicious taste but also beneficial to the health as well. Research suggests that green tea may not be the only solution for the weight loss but many people still find it as a useful one and a healthy addition to life.

Green tea is a less possessed beverage that contains a high percentage of catechins which is one of the active ingredients linked to loss of weight. It not only increases the body temperature that helps you to burn more calories but also increases the prevention of body fat. Another vital benefit of green tea is, it’s a great source of caffeine which increases the rate of burning calories.

Well we all love green tea because of its exceptional taste and addition of health benefits makes it more favorable for us but how green tea helps us in losing weight? Here are the details

•  Caffeine

A cup of green tea contains an optimal amount of caffeine which is around 24 to 40 milligram which helps in improvising your exercise and works as a stimulant to burn calories in your body.

•  Catechins

One of the most potential antioxidants that increase the rate of metabolism is catechins and green tea is enriched with catechins antioxidant.

•  Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG)

Another potential antioxidant in green tea is EGCG which helps in burning fat by restraining an enzyme that usually breaks down the hormone named as norepinephrine. The norepinephrine hormone works on breaking down the calories and fat cells in your body.

•  Fat Burning

Obviously, exercise is the main thing that majorly helps in reducing body weight but the study suggests that addition of green tea can be more beneficial to weight because it helps by burning 17% more of your body fat during the exercise.

•  Metabolism

Green tea is a great source and the easiest way to increase the rate of metabolism. Research reveals that even when you are at rest, it burns 3 to 4 percent more calories.

•  Appetite Reduction

Green tea works as an appetite suppressant. People love to do snacking when they get free time which is an extra source of growing fat cells in the body. Green tea includes catechins that prevent the growth of extra fat cells by stabilizing the levels of blood sugar and reducing the fat storage.

•  Fat Absorption

As researchers studied and uncovered so many facts about green tea, one of the facts revealed by the researchers is, green tea also reduces the absorption of fat from foods.

•  Visceral or Active Fat

Active or Visceral Fat is the body fat which usually stored around the important organs of your body such as pancreas, liver and intestine. Drinking green tea is an effective way to remove the particularly harmful visceral fat around the organs.

•  Hydration

Dehydration, a major problem for many people especially in the grueling summers. Green tea is a useful source to keep yourself hydrated, also reduces the problem of bloating and assist your body in losing body weight.

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