How to Survive Smog : Infographic
November 03, 2017 | Shiraz Iqbal

How to Survive Smog : Infographic

Once again dense smog has engulfed the city of Lahore over the last few days raising fears of not just visibility but additionally the ones bearing on health too. Thick pollutant layer of smog has covered the sky of the city and the sun is blocked yet again.

The city of gardens - Lahore had witnessed a comparable situation the preceding year following which a spike in health associated problems was also determined.

Smog can cause some serious health damages and it’s important for every person to not take this pollutant smog lightly. The below infographic shows the safety measures that can help you to remain safe from this unhealthy environment.

 Smog Infographic



The urban air pollutants tiers in Pakistan are at its worst and adversely damaging public health and life of its citizen. the most susceptible and marginalized in our society are by far the maximum affected like girls, kids, elderly and people who already suffer from chronic sickness.

The removal of green areas, emission of smoke from a lot of factories, an immense increase in motor vehicles and construction activities are some of the causes which no one had cared about. The city has not seen any environmental improvement so the best way to keep yourself safe is to implement the safety measures.

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