How to Treat Varicose Veins at Home?
June 13, 2019 | Abigail Mckay

How to Treat Varicose Veins at Home?

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Varicose veins seem to plague numerous people from various walks of life.  Some develop them due to a job that requires an excessive amount of sitting or standing, while others develop them from pregnancy.  Woman and those with a family history are more prone to develop varicose veins, which are caused by weakened blood vessels.  They can appear swollen, bulging or twisted, and symptoms include pain, worsened pain after sitting or standing, itching around the vein, and a heavy, burning, or throbbing sensation. What can you do to treat this issue at home? Let’s discuss five home remedies below.


1. Exercise

  This lifestyle modifier drastically improves circulation throughout the body.

 The veins will become stronger, which will allow blood to flow smoother through the veins back to the heart.

•  Exercise will also help maintain ideal body weight. Obesity can contribute to varicose veins due to the increased pressure on the veins caused by excess weight.


2. Compression Stockings

•  Consider investing in compression stockings, which can be bought online or in pharmacies without a prescription.

•  Compression stockings apply pressure to the legs to assist blood return to the heart, which will decrease pain, leg heaviness, and appearance of the veins.


3. Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

•  Tight clothes can restrict proper blood flow to the lower extremities, which can be a cause of varicose veins.

•  To ensure proper blood flow, consider wearing loose fitting clothes.


4. Change Positions Frequently

•  If your current job requires you to be on your feet for extended periods, make an effort to change positions frequently, which will improve circulation.  Find times to sit and elevate the legs to assist blood return to the heart.

•  In contrast, if you work a job that requires extended periods in a seated position, make time for exercise or walks throughout the day, which will help get the blood flowing.  While you are sitting at your desk, elevate your legs and if possible, massage your legs to improve circulation.


5. Apple Cider Vinegar and Witch Hazel

•  Combining these two holistic treatments can significantly reduce pain and the appearance of varicose veins, as well as improve circulation.

•  Use a cotton ball to apply a mixture of these ingredients to the varicose vein(s) before going to bed, and if you have time upon waking.


If you have tried many at home remedies with no relief, contact your doctor to schedule an appointment. The doctor will evaluate the need for medical intervention if blood flow is worsening or a blood clot is present.  Connect with a Shifa4U doctor today to discuss further treatment options available to you.


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Abigail Mckay

Abigail has been a nurse for five years, and throughout her time as a nurse, she has worked in multiple medical-surgical units as well as spent time in the infusion therapy clinic and endoscopy lab. She is passionate about preventative medicine through patient education regarding nutrition and exercise. Due to her passion, Abigail has gone on to earn two certifications including a certification in medical-surgical nursing (CMSRN) and a certification in holistic nursing (HNB-BC), in hopes of being able to better serve her patients. Abigail earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA and now bettering patient education in the healthcare system through partnering with American TelePhysicians.