IIPW: 6 Best Ways for Infection Prevention & Control
October 22, 2018 | Noman Shahid

IIPW: 6 Best Ways for Infection Prevention & Control

International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW) - 14th - 20th October

Approximately 2 healthcare-associated infections occur in hospitals each year in any country, resulting in 90,000 deaths. For 30 years, CDC and infection-control professionals have implemented prevention strategies to reduce health-care-associated Infections. International Infection Prevention Week (formerly known as Infection Control Week) was established in 1986 to focus public and professional attention to health-care-associated infections and other infectious diseases.

This year our theme for this Global event is: “Protecting Patients Everywhere”

It is a collective responsibility to keep patients safe from infections. In any health-care setting, there are multiple types of germs, bacteria, and viruses which can spread from person to person through many different ways. It is our responsibility to “Break the Chain of Infections” and keep our patients safe, every day.

6 Effective Infection Prevention Ways

•  We can ensure infection prevention through:

•  Hand hygiene which includes proper washing of hands at least for 15 seconds

•  Proper handling of linen and infected clothes

•  Proper disposal of waste

•  Personal protective equipment for healthcare providers

•  Proper disposal of sharp objects

•  Proper environmental disinfection

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