Kidney Stone : Treatment | Symptoms | Prevention
December 13, 2017 | Rabia Waqas

Kidney Stone : Treatment | Symptoms | Prevention

The kidney stone is made up of minerals that form inside your kidneys. They can be as small as sugar crystal or as large as golf balls. These stones may stay in your kidneys or are passed out in urine. If a stone is too large, it gets stuck in the urinary tract to cause intense pain and may lead to blockage resulting in kidney damage if not removed.


Kidney stone usually does not cause any pain or symptoms until it moves around or gets stuck in the urinary tract

• Severe abdomen or back pain 

• Frequent and painful urination

• Feeling sick, nausea and vomiting

• Blood in the urine.


Causes and risk factors:

There are different types of stones (most common are made of calcium phosphate and oxalate). Several factors may increase your risk of developing kidney stones such as

  Family history of kidney stones

  Inadequate hydration

  Obesity and being overweight

  Taking diet high in protein, sodium (salt) and sugar

  Medical conditions such as high uric acid, hyperparathyroidism, and inflammatory bowel disease



Keep yourself well hydrated and drink at least more than 2 liters of water a day unless your doctor has advised you not to drink high volume of water due to other medical conditions such as heart failure

•  Avoid food high in salt and animal protein

•  If you have history of kidney stone, avoid food rich in oxalates such as spinach, French fries, and nuts

•  If you have recurrent kidney stones, your doctor may prescribe some medicines to avoid their formation such as Potassium Citrate.



•  If you have symptoms, see your doctor without delay for further tests and imaging to rule out any blockage and avoid kidney damage.

•  Your doctor will likely prescribe pain relievers and other medicines to help you passing kidney stones

•  If pain or blockage is not relieved, you should see a urologist (kidney surgeon) as you may need surgical removal.


Recommended tests for kidney stone:

Basic Metabolic Panel

Uric Acid & Urine Complete

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