Mental Health Part 4 | Positive Mental Health Activities Impact on Health
June 20, 2019 | Abigail Mckay

Mental Health Part 4 | Positive Mental Health Activities Impact on Health


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Before moving toward the positive mental health activities, you can have a look at the previous part of the mental health series that how mental health affects overall health of human body.

The following are the six major mental health activities 

1. Exercise or Activity

     Exercise has been shown to increase endorphins, which are known as the “happy hormone.” Many people prioritize exercise in the morning to boost endorphin levels and metabolism for the remainder of the day.

     Exercise does not have to be viewed strictly as an activity in a gym setting. Activities to get the body moving and the heart rate elevated can include walking, biking, house cleaning, dancing, running, and swimming. The list truly goes on and on, but the key is to get moving!

2. Form Solid, Life-Giving Relationships

     Relationships are hugely important to build positive mental health.  Everyone, whether an introvert or extrovert, longs for a meaningful relationship to discuss the mundane and magnificent parts of life. 

     Find someone who values transparency and vulnerability. It is essential to have connections with people who will be encouraging and uplifting in joyous and troubling times.

3. Practice Stress Reducing Activities

     Stress reducers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While some people will thrive practicing yoga or participating in meditation, others will find journaling or leisure time sufficient to manage stress appropriately.

     Find an activity that works for you and your schedule. Try to reduce stress triggers, but realize that stress is a part of life. Learning how to cope with stress is a valuable life lesson.

4. Maintain a Healthy Diet

     Restricting foods and drinks that have adverse effects on the body will help contribute to positive mental health.  To keep your body healthy and functioning optimally, limit alcohol and caffeine, quit smoking, and avoid fried, processed, and sugary foods.

     Remember the powerful connection between the body and the mind. If you feel solid physically, you will respond better mentally.

5. Get Adequate Sleep

     Once again, the trifecta comes into play through sleep, exercise, and healthy eating.  These three things seem to be the answer to a well rounded, healthy life both mentally and physically.

     Aim to get a minimum of eight hours of sleep each night, and reduce activities that will affect a restful night sleep, such as screen time before bed. Coping mechanisms are more effective after a refreshing eight hours of sleep.

6. Engage in Meaningful Activities

     At the core of every human being is the desire to have purpose and meaning in life.  If you find yourself in a job that does not promote a purposeful life, look for other outlets to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. 

     Life-giving activities could include volunteering at church, the local food bank, or homeless shelter. Some find purpose through teaching, and if that describes you, look for opportunities to give back to the next generation through helping with after-school programs, teaching swim lessons, or coaching a sport. There are a variety of ways to give back and make a difference in the world.  Begin your search today to bring meaning to your life and help others in the process.


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Abigail Mckay

Abigail has been a nurse for five years, and throughout her time as a nurse, she has worked in multiple medical-surgical units as well as spent time in the infusion therapy clinic and endoscopy lab. She is passionate about preventative medicine through patient education regarding nutrition and exercise. Due to her passion, Abigail has gone on to earn two certifications including a certification in medical-surgical nursing (CMSRN) and a certification in holistic nursing (HNB-BC), in hopes of being able to better serve her patients. Abigail earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA and now bettering patient education in the healthcare system through partnering with American TelePhysicians.