3 Amazing Tips Revealed To Prevent Kidney Stones At Home
May 09, 2019 | Abigail Mckay

3 Amazing Tips Revealed To Prevent Kidney Stones At Home

Kidney stones are made up of small compounds that form crystalized particles in the urine. They can vary significantly in size, and while typically small kidney stones can pass without intervention, sometimes larger stones may need to be helped along by a physician.  If indicated by your physician, there are a variety of interventions, such as lithotripsy or even surgery.

Whether your stone is small or large, there will be pain attributed to passing it through your urinary system. Without preventative measures, the chance of reoccurrence is high, so let's discuss certain precautions that should be taken to prevent kidney stones from forming.


1.  Limit Salt (Sodium) Intake

 Sodium reduction should be a standard precaution whether you have had kidney stones in the past or not because of the numerous health benefits associated with a reduction in salt intake. 

 Focusing on kidney stones, when you are eating a high salt diet, calcium is pulled into the urine by the salt. If there is calcium in the urine, you are at higher risk of kidney stones. 

 Be on the lookout for high sodium content in processed, canned and restaurant food items.


2.  Eating the Recommended Daily Amount of Calcium

 While many people believe that calcium is the main culprit behind kidney stones, this theory is an old wives tale. Low calcium intake can actually contribute to kidney stone formation.

 If you are looking to lower the risk of kidney stones, it is encouraged to consume calcium-rich and oxalate-rich foods together to assist them in binding while in the digestive tract rather than in the urine.  Foods that are high in oxalate include nuts, peanuts, chocolate, and spinach.

 While calcium and oxalate, without the right balance, can be stone forming compounds, together and in moderation, they create the perfect duo.


3.  Increase Water Intake

Water is another essential component to an overall healthy lifestyle, but it is significantly crucial to those with a history of kidney stones and those wishing to prevent them in the future. Water keeps the kidneys functioning correctly by flushing out the urinary tract which in turn helps remove the compounds that form stones.


The four common types of kidney stones include calcium, struvite, uric acid, and cystine. If you have had a kidney stone in the past and know the type, you may have more specific guidelines to follow to prevent further stones from forming. For example, if you have had a uric acid stone, limiting animal protein can prove to be useful as it lowers the uric acid level in the urine.

 Whether you have had a kidney stone in the past or are trying to prevent one in the future, these three suggestions are helpful lifestyle modifiers to incorporate into your daily life.


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