Are Face Serums Good For Your Skin?
May 24, 2021 | Farah Jassawalla

Are Face Serums Good For Your Skin?

What are Face Serums?

Face serums are moisturizers that are lightweight and have a bunch of active ingredients in them. These ingredients (such as glycolic acid, vitamin C, retinol, or AHA / BHA) are in higher concentration than regular face moisturizers. With this composition, face serums are known for their effectiveness in targeting specific skin concerns.

A face serum is generally thinner than a face moisturizer and applies a thin layer on the skin. In a skincare regime, this layer is usually preceded by a toner and followed by a moisturizer. The formula of face serums varies; they can be gels, oils, water-like fluid, or light creams.

Let us now discuss the reasons you should or should not use face serums:


    Face serums increase absorption. In turn, serums increase hydration. This means that when you layer your serums over your skin, your skin will become softer as the thin consistency of the serums works its way deeper into the skin. Thus, when you follow it with a moisturizer, your skin will readily absorb the moisturizer and keep your skin hydrated.

Therefore, if you are struggling with dehydrated skin even when you have been using moisturizers regularly, a serum might just be the solution you are looking for.

    Face serums make the skin plump and reduce wrinkles. This is because face serums are collagen boosters and they help to make the skin firm and even out fine lines. Therefore, face serums can be used if you are looking for anti-aging effects on your skin.

For this purpose, you should look for serums that contain hydrating hyaluronic acid. Other than that, Vitamin C is a good anti-aging ingredient as well. With serums containing these ingredients, you can expect to find fewer fine lines and wrinkles in 3-4 weeks.

    Face serums even the skin tone by minimizing the appearance of dark spots. The glycolic acid present in them is particularly responsible for this. The lightweight serum goes in and cleans out the pores. When dirt and other oils are not clogged up in those pores, your skin gradually gets a finer, smoother look. Also, even if serums are oil-based they never clog up your pores so you do not have to worry about that.

    Face serums brighten up dull skin and make it radiant and glowing. They also work to reduce signs of fatigue. With regular use, you can bring the color back to your face. Considering the life we are living, there are too many harmful agents and radicals that harm your skin on a daily basis. Face serums protect your skin from those agents and help you maintain a healthy glow.


      Face serums can be quite harsh on the skin at first. As they contain concentrated ingredients, your skin may react strongly. There are also possibilities that it may never get used to those ingredients and you will have to initiate a skincare regime with different serums all over again. In short, they can be risky if you are not aware of your skin type or the ingredients it reacts to.

      Face serums make your skin very sensitive. Especially if your serum contains glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acids, your skin will become photosensitive. This means that you have to apply SPF every morning whether you go out into the sunlight or not. Otherwise, your skin will react badly.

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