Breaking Down Diabetes | Part 4 | Treatment Options For Diabetes
May 16, 2019 | Abigail Mckay

Breaking Down Diabetes | Part 4 | Treatment Options For Diabetes

Shifa4U diabetes series provides you a complete roadmap to understanding diabetes starting from the Types of Diabetes in the first part, Role of Insulin and Glucose in the second part then the third part covered Symptoms & Diagnosis of Diabetes and this last installment will cover the treatment options of diabetes.

Diabetes, like many chronic medical conditions, should entail a two-part treatment program involving lifestyle modifications in addition to medications. The pairing of the two is the ultimate combination to ensure a balanced, healthy life. Today, we are going to be reviewing medications that can be used to treat diabetes while also focusing on nutrition and exercise regimens that are specific to diabetes.

There are a variety of medications that can be taken after the initial diagnosis of diabetes. The different classes of medications available targets one or more of the three main causes of high blood sugar by either lowering the glucose produced and released by your liver, increasing the production of insulin by the pancreas or by helping to make the cells more sensitive to insulin.  In the case regarding those with type I diabetes, the body does not produce insulin, which is why insulin will be the chosen medication for this specific type. Insulin comes in rapid, short, intermediate, and long-acting and it will be given via injection into the subcutaneous tissue or the fatty part of your arm, abdomen or leg. Many times, insulin will also be given to those diagnosed with gestational diabetes if lifestyle modifications do not achieve the desired results.

Type II diabetics have a larger selection in regards to treatment options available to them. Insulin can be utilized but many times this specific type of diabetes can be controlled with oral medications.  The most well-known oral diabetic medication is metformin.

While medication is many times indicated, sometimes type II and gestational diabetes can be controlled using other methods.  Below, we will be reviewing a few suggested lifestyle tips for those with diabetes. 


1.   Keep a Food Journal

   Diabetics must be mindful of not only what is being consumed but also how much and when food or drink is consumed.

   A well-rounded diet, inclusive of all food groups, and primarily made up of small frequent meals is recommended.


2.   Consideration of Carbohydrates Consumed

   Carbohydrates and sugar should be limited in those with diabetes, which is an important reason to keep a food journal.

   Having diabetes does not mean that you can never indulge but rather those indulgences should be limited.  This means reducing your intake of fried food, foods high in salt, desserts, and drinks with added sugar.

   Reducing the intake of those particular foods should extend to individuals with or without diabetes as these foods contribute to an increased risk of developing chronic medical conditions.


3.   Log Blood Sugars 

   With diabetes, it is highly important to frequently monitor blood sugars.

   Type I diabetics will check their blood sugar multiple times a day, while those with type II diabetes will monitor blood sugars per their physician’s instructions. This is due to the fact that some medications will require stricter observation of blood sugars than others.


4.   Lose Weight or Maintain a Healthy Weight

   It is well known that when the body is at its ideal weight, it operates at its optimal level. By maintaining a healthy weight, you are lowering your risk for developing chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes.


5.   Start and Maintain a Workout Regimen

   30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week is recommended.

   There are so many activities to choose from such as hiking, biking walking, running, swimming or lifting weights. The key is to move!


I hope that these articles have been informative, encouraging, and empowering. You can take this diagnosis and make the most out of it through lifestyle modification and a stable medication regimen if indicated and prescribed by your doctor.

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