Foods with High Vitamin C & Why It is Important For us?
August 28, 2019 | Abigail Mckay

Foods with High Vitamin C & Why It is Important For us?


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Vitamin C is one of the thirteen vitamins needed to sustain life.  It is famous for producing a healthy immune system and supple skin. The Food and Drug Administration recommends 90 mg of vitamin C per day for an adult. With that being said, if I were to ask you what fruit has the highest vitamin C content, what would you answer? The common belief is that an orange is the most beneficial fruit when attempting to boost your vitamin C level. Many people resort to even drinking orange juice when trying to enhance the immune system.  However, due to the high sugar content found in most fruit juices, it is best to steer clear of those sugary beverages. So, what are other fruit and vegetable alternatives to receive vitamin C holistically? Let's review five vitamin C powerhouses that can sustain your immune system. 


1. Sweet Red Bell Pepper

a. Not many think of bell peppers as a food high in vitamin C, but it gets the job done while increasing your vegetable intake for the day. 

b. The average red bell pepper has an estimated 190 mg per serving!


2. Papaya

a. This delicious, exotic fruit hits the home run of superfoods with a high vitamin C content. 

b. Papaya has an estimate of 95 mg of vitamin C, which is well over the recommended daily value. 


3. Broccoli 

a. Another vegetable, broccoli has known cancer-fighting properties and even fiber, which promotes a healthy digestion system. 

b. Broccoli has around 130 mg of vitamin C per serving.


4. Strawberries 

a. Antioxidant strong, strawberries can also help control blood sugar and promote heart health.

b. One serving of strawberries has around 95 mg of vitamin C per serving. 


5. Pineapple

a. Another delicious fruit, pineapple is filled with antioxidants, it decreases inflammation, and yes, you guessed it, it is packed with vitamin C.  

b. With about 80 mg of vitamin C per serving, you can not go wrong with adding this fruit to your arsenal. 


All of the items above are considered a tremendous supplementary superfood to the standard orange when trying to increase your vitamin C intake. Since we are heading into the fall months, go ahead and stock up on these fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system and to stay healthy. Connect with Shifa4U on our helpline 042-111-748-748 to discuss nutrition plans with a physician.

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Abigail Mckay

Abigail has been a nurse for five years, and throughout her time as a nurse, she has worked in multiple medical-surgical units as well as spent time in the infusion therapy clinic and endoscopy lab. She is passionate about preventative medicine through patient education regarding nutrition and exercise. Due to her passion, Abigail has gone on to earn two certifications including a certification in medical-surgical nursing (CMSRN) and a certification in holistic nursing (HNB-BC), in hopes of being able to better serve her patients. Abigail earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA and now bettering patient education in the healthcare system through partnering with American TelePhysicians.