Is Calcium Deficiency the Main Contributing Factor of Osteoporosis?
July 22, 2019 | Abigail Mckay

Is Calcium Deficiency the Main Contributing Factor of Osteoporosis?


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For many years, it has been taught that calcium deficiency is the only contributing factor to osteoporosis, but today, this does that appear to be the case. Indeed, calcium deficiency prevents adequate bone growth, which, in turn, contributes to a higher level of bone breakdown than bone production. However, other factors contribute to osteoporosis, and they should be given proper attention.  

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In addition to calcium deficiency, low levels of vitamin D and estrogen are generally seen in patients who are diagnosed with osteoporosis. While drinking milk tends to be the go-to answer to prevent osteoporosis, this is simply not always the case.  Drinking milk and increasing calcium intake will only be effective when the body has sufficient vitamin D to help absorb the calcium.  The two must be paired together to achieve the desired result.  


When studying the population most affected by osteoporosis, it is usually found in those older than 50.  Why do we see osteoporosis in this particular age group? This is because most women start menopause around this age, which drastically reduces estrogen levels found in the body.  For men, testosterone, which is converted to estrogen, begins to decline around this age as well.  Estrogen is not often associated with men, but men have the hormone, estrogen, just in lower amounts.  Estrogen regulates bone turn over in both men and women, so when there is a drastic decline in estrogen, such as menopause for women, bone production is impaired.  


While many people focus on low calcium intake as the primary contributing factor in osteoporosis, it is essential to analyze all aspects of the osteoporosis storm.  For instance, did you recently start menopause or do you get enough vitamin D?  Doctors can address these varying contributing factors by prescribing medications to treat the underlying cause. Talk with your physician today at Shifa4U to discuss osteoporosis and the options available to you.

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