Life During And After Pandemic COVID-19
August 17, 2020 | Khurram Altaf

Life During And After Pandemic COVID-19

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The post-corona virus world has become distinctive from numerous points of view health-wise, financially, and socially. COVID-19 has changed the world and caused the major disaster at every level. Nobody came out of this emergency without losing something. Due to great lockdown people had to put in quarantine and kept the social distance to lessen the pandemic prevalence. 

Globally impact on health care systems

In all over the world, health care units are usually not well-designed to overcome these types of pandemics. During COVID-19 heavy loads of effected cases become major challenges to health care units. Health care staff is the frontline and had to face many problems regarding to health care facilities.

Some major challenges had to face:

o shortage of personal protective equipment (PPEs),

o Scarcity of other health facilities and resources i.e. ventilators, ICU units etc

o Lack of health care professionals (HCPs) 

o Isolation of HCPs from family due to fear of spreading virus

o HCPs had to work laboriously in  hospitals

o HCPs had  to face  breathing and physical discomfort while wearing PPEs

o Low no of labs for testing COVID-19 

o Numerous patients did not able to visit hospitals due lockdown

o Psychological pressure had become the major problem among the people, especially patients and HCPs.

What should do during and after pandemic?

  It is necessarily important to follow SOPs (Safety of persons) even after the lockdown has been lifted. It cannot be said with surety that we are fully safe from this pandemic. There is no vaccine and exact medication yet to cure COVID-19. Government and health agencies should also take some major steps to meet emergency situations outbreak. 

To prevent and overcome the pandemic, persons as well as government should adopt the following steps:

o People should keep awareness of hygiene measures  as well as pandemic prevalence

o Health authorities propose washing hands for 20 seconds minimum with soap.

o Make compulsory of wearing masks during outdoor activities   

o Try to avoid close contact and keep distance at least of 6 feet

o If you get symptoms you should visit  your health care unit and isolate yourself soon

o Before travelling get your immunity passport to prevent pandemic

o Some countries also provide facility of contact tracing to locate and alert the infected ones

o Awareness should be spread regarding to the digital health care system 

o Health care agencies should upgrade the hospitals at each level

o There is need of developing highly equipped laboratories

o Health care workers and patients should be provided safe and comfortable environment at private as well as government sector

It is need to take care of yourself and others by knowing and adopting the hygiene measures to combat any future outbreak at any level.

Global economy and financial recession 

There is no doubt that the general impact of the pandemic on world economy is so miserable. During pandemic world had to encounter a drop in GDP, unemployment, destitution, food instability, lack of health sustenance and many more.  According to The Round Table journal 2020, there is globally decline of GDP in 2020 by 2.4 to 2.8%. Economy and financial disruption have reduced the ability number of people to meet the expenses of private health care units whereas most of the government health units have deficit of major medical facilities.

How to overcome socio-economic decline?

o Focus on the well-being and mental health of you, your family and your employees

o Take  care of your clients by  extending  your assistance to the individuals who are in need

o It is the duty of policy maker to spend time and assets towards accountable, transparent and vital plans for public and private health sectors.

o Government should make COVID-19 test at very low cost

o Provide reliable information through mass media to diminish fear and anxiety

o Good governance and effective oversight of private sectors are essential to strengthen the health care systems while handling any pandemic.

o Financial stressors all in all populace have required moderation and speedy changes in strategy.

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