Management of a Common Allergy Symptom
August 06, 2019 | Abigail Mckay

Management of a Common Allergy Symptom


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Eye itching and swelling are common amongst allergy suffers, but finding a swift approach to symptom reduction is difficult to come by.  Being around allergens is generally quickly followed by allergy symptoms.  For many people, the most common symptoms are an itchy, runny nose, in addition to itchy, watery, and swollen eyes.  Itchy, swollen eyes can be debilitating because it can impair daily activities, such as driving, reading, and working. Let’s discuss ways to relieve swollen eyes due to allergies quickly. 

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1. Wash your face and eyes


It is essential to get the allergen out of the eyes and nose, which will stop the immune reaction in its tracks.  


2. Use a cold compress


To decrease the swelling and relieve eye itching, place a cold cloth on the eyes for 15 minutes.


3. Avoid the outdoors


If you sense an allergic reaction coming on, remain inside until the symptoms subside. 


In addition, close the windows to your house and car to reduce allergen exposure. 


4. Use allergy eye drops or allergy medication


If the steps listed above do not decrease the itching, swelling, and watering of the eyes, use an over-the-counter antihistamine allergy medication or eyedrops.


If you are having recurrent allergic reactions, please contact a physician at Shifa4U to discuss treatment options.

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