What is Scoliosis? Exercise For Scoliosis Pain
June 25, 2019 | Abigail Mckay

What is Scoliosis? Exercise For Scoliosis Pain

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Scoliosis, a spinal deformity that is usually diagnosed in childhood, can cause chronic pain and unbalanced gait if left untreated. Many times, scoliosis, a sideways curvature of the spine, will develop around the time of puberty.  While it can be caused by cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, the exact cause is usually unknown.  Family history of scoliosis can be a risk factor, and symptoms include uneven shoulders or hips and prominence of one shoulder blade. While most cases are mild and will not affect normal body functions, severe cases can impair breathing capabilities and cardiac function. Surgery and spinal braces may be suggested to treat moderate to severe cases, but many times physical therapy, stretching, and frequent exercise are enough to drastically improve quality of life for the majority of those who have scoliosis.


Exercise For Scoliosis Pain

It is essential to incorporate specific stretches and spine-friendly activities into everyday life to keep the spine and associated muscles well-conditioned and stable.  Due to scoliosis, back muscles can be compromised and pulled to one side, which can cause muscle and nerve pain.  Nerve pain is attributed to the spine compressing a nerve or several nerves. By strengthening the back muscles, back pain can diminish because strong muscles will assist the spine to remain in a more neutral position; however, this will not cure or completely correct the deformity. Weight training, yoga, and pilates can also strengthen the back muscles to lessen associated back pain.  It is essential to avoid activities that compress or strain the spine further, such as contact sports and long-distance running.


Stretching should be paired with exercise to achieve the best results. Focused stretches for scoliosis should be discussed with a physical therapist. Physical therapy is a solid foundational start to master the stretches with a licensed professional. Once a plan has been established, and stretches have been perfected, many can take the learning activities and apply them at home.


Scoliosis can be a condition that may interfere with daily activities, but it certainly does not have to be.  Just like any medical condition, educating yourself about lifestyle modifications can drastically improve your quality of life. Connect with Shifa4U today and book an appointment with back pain doctor in Pakistan to discuss treatment options and lifestyle modifiers regarding scoliosis.

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